Esensors. IP Networked Web-Sensors for Server room temperature humidity monitoring. Nagios Splunk PRTG compatible. SNMP XML Sensor data. Internet VOC Ammonia Hydrogen Sulphide Carbon monoxide Sensors with Email Text alerts.

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A highly configurable platform with

Sensors that serve your need

Temperature, Humidity, Illumination, AC Line voltage - simple ON/OFF and continuous voltage, Current switches, Water/ Chemical spills - spot and continuous, Liquid level, Contact switches and more. Pick a single sensor or a combination of sensors. Have your own sensor? Check our our IOT interface platform with 3 level configurable power source available to power your sensor.

Powerful communication interfaces make our sensor platforms easy to integrate with your existing networks. Choose from Ethernet, Ethernet with PoE, WiFi, and GSM/ Cellular options. Sensors can work as standalone devices, or can be integrated with monitoring software such as Nagios, PRTG and other popular software. Sample plugins available on our git repository.

In addition to a wide range of sensor options, you can also choose from a variety of add on peripherals to enhance to usability and functionality of the sensor platform. A 1.8" color display, built-in audilble buzzer, visible flashing LED alarm indicator, and a form C relay with selectable trigger sources make websensor a unique, versatile platform for your monitoring needs.

Not sure which options to pick?

Let us help you.

With so many options, picking the right model can be a bit confusing. Don't worry. We have an advanced feature search tool that will help you select the best options for your applications.


A simple and elegant web based graphical interface makes the setup process a breeze. Start with DHCP, or boot in static mode. Configure sensor thresholds, notification preferences, and save settings. That's it.


WIth years of fine tuning the design and interface, shaped by real world testing and customer feedbacks, the websensor platform is a proven and reliable solution to your monitoring needs


Configure email and text alerts, with default or custom smtp settings. Audible buzzer, and LED Flashers for local alerts.

“After evaluating several tools to monitor the temperature of our data center, I decided to pick the Websensor because of this product offers all temperature-related solutions that I am looking for. Not only a great product but also a very great support I got from the Esensors team. With that said, I highly recommend to everyone who might be looking for a similar temperature monitoring device”.

Emily H., IT Consultant.

"“We are a long standing customer of Esensors Inc. We resell the websensors to our clients in Japan, and have been using the websensors for years now. Not only is the product reliable to protect your IT infrastructure, We have had a great relationship with the support team at Esensors. I am totally satisfied with the service they provide to us, here in Japan. "

Mizuki M., Jupiter Tech.