Software & Plugins

Title Download
Sample Plugins for EM32, EM01B, EM08 Websensors (works with Nagios, Cacti, RRDTool. Sample only. All sensors may not be supported. Modify as needed.) Download
Guide to Integrating EM32 Websensors with SNMP Traps. Download
Websensor DataLogger for EM01B Websensor (WIN32) Download
VBScript Plugin for EM01B Websensor (WIN32) Download
Java Plugin for EM01B Websensor (compatible with OpenNMS) Download
SNMP Proxy for EM01B Websensor Download
Linux/Nagios Plugin for ES11 Flood Sensor Download
VBScript Plugin for ES11 Flood Sensor (WIN32) Download
Software tools to upgrade EM32 firmware Download