About Us

Esensors applies modern technology for data and environmental measurement purposes. These technologies are used to optimize energy utilization and the advancement of safeguards against toxic gases.


  • Irrigation Management: Farms, Vineyards and Orchards are using Esensors, wireless moisture sensors to manage their irrigation to insure that the moisture content of their soil is optimum for the growth of their crops.

  • Facilities Management: Esensors power meters and sensors are being used to manage energy costs and environmental conditions for CO2 and VOCs

  • First Responders: Portable Esensors monitoring equipment is being used to alert of the presence of toxic chemicals and gases.

  • Computer Rooms: Esensors Products are being used to protect Computer room against air conditioning failures, unauthorized access and power failures.

  • Smart Building/ Smart Grid: Esensors monitoring equipment has played an instrumental role in the implementation of “Smart Technologies”: in schools, hospitals, governmental and commercial buildings.

  • Mobile Applications: Esensors in collaboration with our business partners offers a variety of mobile applications to include personnel monitoring for vital statistic, mobile security applications, emergency management, tactical collaboration, and infrastructure protection.

  • Cloud Sensing: Cloud-based Network-Management-as-a Service (NMaaS) platforms for remote monitoring and support of IP-enabled devices.