Title Presentation Paper
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Smart Sensors for the Smart Grid Download  
Websensors - Sensors with an Internet Address Download  
A Web-enabled Digital Power Meter Download Download
Esbus - A sensor bus based on the SPI serial interface Download  
Smart Sensor Integration with a Wired Network Download  
Smart Sensor Design and Networking Standards Download  
Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor Based on Fringing Capacitance Download Download
IEEE 1451 Prototype Dot 2 and Dot 4 NCAPs with Internet Access Download  
Examples of Sensors with IEEE 1451 Protocol (Dot 2 and Dot 4) Download  
A Minimal Dot4 NCAP with a Compatible Sensor Bus Download Download
An IEEE 1451 TEDS Compiler and Serial Network Compliance Tester Download Download
A Wireless Gas Monitor with IEEE 1451 Protocol Download Download
A Multi-Element Smart Gas Sensor with IEEE 1451 Protocol Download  
A Wireless Chemical Detection and Environmental Monitor Download  
A Sensor Network for Buildings Based on the DALI Bus Download Download
An Ultrasonic/Optical Pulse Sensor for Precise Distance Measurements Download Download
IEEE 1451 - A Universal Transducer Protocol Standard Download Download
Low-Power Wireless Sensor with SNAP and IEEE 1451 Protocol Download Download
Precision RTD Signal Conditioner with IEEE 1451 TEDS and Protocol Download  
Multi-Channel Smart Strain Sensor System Download  
IEEE 1451 Smart Transducer Standard for HVAC Applications Download  
Compact Internet-capable Environmental Monitor Download  
Miniaturized Multi-Channel Thermocouple Sensor System Download  
NSF Poster – High-Resolution Tunable Receiver for Remote THz Sensing Download  
Synchronization of Wireless Sensor Networks Using a Modified IEEE 1588 Protocol   Download
Interfacing Industrial Analog Sensors to the Internet of Things Download  
Capacitance Soil Moisture Sensor Discussion – ES/VH499 Version Download