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Advanced Environmental Monitor EM32-Xe


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EM32-Xe WebSensors provide advanced environmental monitoring, reporting and control capabilities for data centers, laboratories while providing network connectivity, realtime data access, audible local alerts, email and text alerts, enterprise level software integration capability and more.
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Best suited for

  • Data Centers and Server Rooms
  • Climate controlled ware houses
  • Laboratories, offices
  • Shop fronts and storage areas

Tech Specs

  • Factory Calibrated High accuracy Temperature, (optional) humidity sensors
  • Built-in Illumination sensor
  • Temperature Range -40 to +123 °C
  • Temperature accurate to +/- 0.5 °C
  • Humidity Sensor accurate to +/-3%RH with range from 1% to 99% relative humidity
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius units available for temperature
  • Powerful Web Server Built-in. Access data with any standard Browser on your PC/ smart phone.
  • Connects to your network via ethernet
  • Compatible with any 10/100 Mbps network
  • Set high and low threshold settings for each sensor, and configure your alerts.
  • Supports API calls with sensor data output in XML, JSON formats.
  • Boots up in DHCP mode by default. Optional static ip boot up mode supported.

Advanced Enterprise Features

  • Email, Email-to-SMS Notifications,
  • Hardware support for additional sensors
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Support
  • Configurable SMTP Settings for your own Email Servers.
  • Push to Cloud Feature enables remote data logging, Apps, and Processing.
  • SNMP Support
  • Integrate with Enterprise level IT monitoring software such as Nagios, Splunk, Solarwinds, PRTG and more.
  • Built-in Display
  • Optional Actuator Relay support
  • Cellular/ GSM connectivity option

Add-on sensor options

  • AC Line Voltage Monitoring input, for UPS Monitoring. Option to monitor just ON/ OFF status, or continuous voltage
  • Dry Contact/ Magnetic Switch Contact Detection input.
  • Add ON Thermistor Sensor


The EM32-Xe connects to your network through Ethernet, and can be easily installed and configured in less than 10 minutes via the integrated web interface


Along with powerful products, we offer superior customer support.

  • Simple and Easy to follow user manuals.
  • Application Notes addressing case specific issues. This is updated on a regular basis
  • Direct Support. Got a question, don't hesitate to drop us a line, or call us.


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  1. Excellent product Review by Chi Yue

    I bought this alarm for the freezer unit I manage. I wanted accuracy for the sensors, configurable alerts to multiple addresses, and Power over ethernet. I did my research, and decided to go with this. Worked great! I just set it on the shelf. I have their address on file, so I could order more when I need it. I highly recommend this product, and they usually ship it same day. (Posted on 6/1/2014)

  2. Great Product, Great support. Review by Andy

    We installed this inside our pharma lab mainly since we run a generator at night, due to unexpected power issues. I liked this one because, it has the option to monitor AC Line voltage, along with temperature and humidity. So, I get email alerts when power is gone. I know when the generator is starting, and if the power does not come back for long, I know we need to keep an eye on the back up. Although the alarm has tripped only a few times, it gives me peace of mind to see it was registering something. I highly recommend this product based on my own experience with it. (Posted on 5/30/2014)

  3. My opinion Review by Bruce Holmes

    This is what I think about this:

    All options you need in a monitoring device, that delivers. Le version is just as good, if you dont need the SNMP and stuff. Totally recommend it. (Posted on 5/20/2014)

  4. Smart upgrade compared to EM01B Review by Mark Bitara

    We have used the EM01B for quite a while, but the EM32 is much more powerful. LE does the job for most part. But XE has some nice features that if you need it, this one does a good job! Sensors are pretty accurate. (Posted on 3/25/2014)

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