Bluetooth Sensor Gateway

The Project

Bluetooth Sensor Gateway

Developing a Internet via Ethernet gateway for Bluetooth enabled sensors suitable for smart buildings and the smart grid.

The gateway is based on a standard Linux platform with a Bluetooth wireless transceiver which processes and reformats sensor data as Internet/Ethernet accessible formats. The intention is to provide APIs which will translate data from commercially available Bluetooth sensors into standard Internet formats. Esensors will rely on its experience in designing Websensors and other IP enabled sensors, as well as its experience in standard development, to provide a quick solution.

  • Bluetooth 4.0 (LE, low energy) compatible
  • Range: 50 to 200 meters LOS
  • 10/100 Base T Ethernet – path to Internet
  • Line powered (5v) supply (included)
  • Case 3.9”x2.5”x1.2”
  • USB (future options such as WiFi)
  • Linux platform with 500 MB of memory
  • User and remote programmable
  • Basic and custom APIs for sensors is provided
The Need

Bluetooth LE has become a preferred choice for several wireless sensor applications because of its attractive features, including automatic configuration (plug&play), good range, low power consumption and low cost. However most Bluetooth enabled sensors can only be accessed by cell phones or tablets which are appropriate for personal sensors such as heart rate monitors but not for those intended for smart buildings. For these applications continuous access to the Internet is needed and this is provided by a gateway. Presently available Bluetooth gateways or access points are not LE enabled, do not provide sensor interfaces and have prices several times that of our proposed solution. Funding of this project via Indiegogo did not achieve its goal.

A description of our concept is given in a white paper. Read More