Built for the Cloud

Logging Data is a foundational aspect of every sensing system. With the Internet of things becoming more and more popular, we are excited to integrate built-in support for cloud data logging. We have built a simple and easy to use cloud platform for our sensors. But that does not mean our sensors are limited to our cloud. We have built an open system which lets you push data directly to any cloud you want.

Cloud data management is critical for running an active monitoring system. Our cloud-based logging tool is dead easy to set up, and offers a simple interface for notification and reporting.

With sensor data being the primary focus, we have not left out how you access the data. Our cloud interface works seamlessly across any device you use to access the system through a completely fluid responsive layout. This means whether you are viewing data tables or graphs, you get the best possible view.


  • Integrated into all XE models.
  • Easy setup
  • Configure alerts by Text message, Emails, Phone calls
  • View data as tables, or graphs.
  • View data within specific time periods through a simple select interface
  • Threshold settings configured on the sensor itself.

For cloud Demo, username: support@eesensors.com, password:123