Industrial IoT
Analog Sensor Interface

Connects an analog sensor to the Internet – easy to use and low cost.

The interface is designed to work with most standard sensors (sensor not included). Converts an analog sensor to a smart sensor. Non-display Le versions also available.

Sensor TypeProductLink
Pressure PS32-XE Click Here
Flow FL32-XE Click Here
RTD (Temperature) RT32-XE Click Here
Level Apex-XE Click Here
Proximity PR32-XE Click Here

Also see our Environmental sensors (Websensors) EM32-Xe which have built-in temperature, humidity and illumination sensors.

Sensor connector:

  1. Supports sensors with voltage (0-5V DC), current (4-20mA), switch or frequency outputs
  2. 12-bit a/d digital resolution
  3. Sensor power (+Vcc = 3, 5,or 12v) available.
  4. 3-pin connector (terminal block) connects to sensor and plugs into side of module

Alerts/ Notification methods

  1. Email, Email-to-SMS
  2. Built-in buzzer for local audible alarm
  3. Various IoT formats available: HTTP, JSON, XML, MQTT


  1. The interface connects directly to the Internet through Ethernet (WiFi option) or to a digital Internet of Things gateway as an intermediate
  2. It is easily installed and configured in less than 15 minutes via the integrated web interface.
  3. Selection of engineering units (e.g. PSI, kPa) or percentage of full scale as options
  4. Web based calibration and fine tuning interface for field adjustments, if needed.


  1. Along with versatile hardware and software, we offer superior customer support.
  2. The interface is designed to work either with new or with legacy analog sensors (sensors are not included)