Environmental Sensing for Wine Cellars

Wine Cellar Monitor

Ideal temperature and humidity wine cellar storage conditions is a challenge. Based on our experience with industrial environmental sensors, and listening to what wine experts have to say, we have developed a monitoring system specialized for wine cellars that can quantify and report the conditions.


  • Temperature (air and bottle) :
    Normal chart range: 45 to 65 oF (8 to 18 oC) for 7 days, Extended chart ranges: -20 to 100 oC, daily to yearly Temperature is the most important parameter for wine monitoring. It should not vary much around the chosen storage temperature, typically 55 oF. In addition to measuring room air temperature, we utilize a precision thermistor to measure the bottle temperature based on a simulated bottle temperature approach.
  • Humidity
    :Extremes of humidity over long periods can be damaging, especially to the cork and label. Experts suggest a 50% to 80% Rh range for wine storage. Our sensor range is 10% to 99% Rh.
  • Light
    Sunlight or long exposure to fluorescent lights (UV) can cause wine to deteriorate. We provide continuous monitoring of illumination so this can be avoided.
  • Motion Activated Camera
    Photos of visitors are captured as a record of use.
  • Internet Connectivity
    Both wireless (WiFi, IEEE 802.11b, g) or wired ( Ethernet, 10/100 base T) are available. Time-stamped data is updated and recorded every 10 minutes (other options)
  • Dashboard/ Website
    Summary and detailed charts in several formats are available PC, tablets, smart phones
  • Alerts:
    Sent by email, text message or phone Thresholds chosen by user


The monitor is mounted facing door or rack so they are within view of the camera. The bottle temperature sensor, with attached wire and jack, is mounted on central area of rack. The monitor must be within WiFi range of Internet router.

White paper

A white paper “An Engineer’s View of Wine Cellar Monitoring” is available Read More. A preview of the dashboard is available Here. We welcome comments: designer@eesensors.com.