Emerging Products

1. Wireless Sensors

In addition to our WiFi enabled sensors we have developed sensors with various wireless formats. Most of our networked sensor can be reconfigured to use the following technologies:

  • Zigbee.
  • 6LoWPAN
  • Sub-GHz (433 MHz)
  • Bluetooth
2. Toxic Mold Sensors

We are developing three toxic mold sensors based on moisture and temperature. These detect the conditions for rapid mold growth on drywall and other materials. These are:

  • WiFi Websensor with adhesive wall patch for temperature/humidity sensor.
  • Reconfigured Bluetooth soil moisture sensor
  • Color wall patch sensed by iphone camera
3. Smart Building Sensors for the Internet of Things (IoT)

All of our networked sensors can be used for smart building. We especially like potential of Bluetooth sensors (see white paper).

4. Low Cost Power Meters

Several low-cost non-contact power meters have been demonstrated (see white paper).

5. IEEE 1451 Standard-based sensors

We are leaders in developing the universal ISO/IEC/IEEE 21451-x smart transducer standard and expect it to be adopted for IoT sensor. Demonstration sensors (TIM) and gateway (NCAP) are available here.

6. Dual-compensated Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor

A low-cost wireless version of the capacitance soil moisture sensor with conductivity compensation for higher precision is under development based on a previously reported prototype. Interface will be bluetooth to wireless. Read More.

7. R&D Prototypes

We have been involved in many government sponsored (SBIR) research and development projects. Some have resulted in potentially valuable technologies for the right partners. Papers describing these are available.

  • X-ray dose monitor for medical procedures
  • Quantum dot mid-IR photodetetor
  • Terahertz Mixer
  • Multi-gas networked sensor
  • Precision time synchronization for wireless (IEEE 1588)